KYOWASCOPE PROJECTION MICROSCOPE : Our standard world class textile/wool model as per Indian Standard IS:744 worklng on high intensity transmitted light source 12voIts 100watt Halogen and having a television-like panel rotating calibrated 0.125 mm pitched fresnel optical monitor screen 200mm diameter for the fibre studies Fibre Identification, fibre diameter(micron/denier), maturity, modulation and cross-section studies etc; and providing the following optical combination and approx. magnifications.

OPTICAL SYSTEM(INFINTIY CORRECTED AND ANTI FUNGUS): The microscope supplied with following Infinity corrected Super Plan Optics for standard microscopy. All optics are hard coated and anti fungus treated to avoid fungus growth even under humid conditions. The microscope is offered with the following infinity corrected Super Plan Optics (Din standard)

  1. Magnification Range : 100X to 1500X
  2. Eyepiece : WF 10X(1 Pair)
  3. Standard Objectives : 4/5X, 10X, 20X, 40/45X
  4. Optional Objectives : 60x, 100x

MAIN BODY: Having modular sub-assembly system with assemblies mounted on a sturdy Aluminum Alloy cast body with sheet metal covers, the instrument is supplied complete with the following provisions, controls & faciIities.

MEASURING DEVICE: 360° rotating (on ball bearings) calibrated optical monitor screen with 200mm cross scale having precision measurement region (PMR) marked as per IS:744

Note: 360° rotatable laterally displace able attachable type mm measuring scale with PMR also available as an alternate option, use of only one (preferably built in type) measuring device is recommended the final choice however is yours

Stage: Detachable type mechanical stage having 50mm x 30mm X and Y movements stopping with a click after each 0.5mm travels as per IS:744 for readings in a systematic KPM580 manner and at regular small intervals of 0.5mm each, convertible to continues moving type for routine examination provision of stage clips complete with 360° revolving base ball bearing mounted with locking device and protective cover; Supplied complete as above ln Card Board box