This industrial-strength machine converts Water into oxy-hydrogen fuel for an extremely hot and precise reducing flame operating at 4850*F. This machine is perfect for soldering and brazing in the orthodontic laboratory environment. 110V/60hZ Made in the USA!


Hydrogen Soldering Units Solutions:

Conventional gas torches use butane or cooking gas which causes carbon deposition in soldering joint deteriorating the quality of the joint. In hydro soldering units hydrogen and oxygen gas are generated through electrolysis of water on burning. It produces perfectly neutral and non oxygenizing flame for soldering and exasperates no residues.

Product Description:

The Dentex Hydro solder is specially designed to enable the user to perform an easy operation with a high degree of accuracy and simplicity.

Technical data:

  1. Mains voltage : 1x 230 V
  2. Mains frequency : 50/60 Hz
  3. Mains fuse : 1 x 10 A
  4. Max. gas production : 60 litre.
  5. Max. nozzle size : 0.7 mm
  6. Dimensions W x H x D (mm) : 350 x 230 x 320
  7. Weight : 16 kg

Hydrogen Soldering Auto Machine (Mod no.) DHS-115. Gas controlling torch, Rubber pipe, 10 Nozzle, Set marble welding pad, Pressure gauge, Metal torch, stand lighter. Mains connection voltage 230 volts 50HZ.