Orthodontic Split Fixator


The Orthodontic Split Fixator is a vertically adjustable occlusion holder with adjustable bite opening forfunctional orthodontics. Two round telescopes prevent rotation in the horizontal axis.


  1. Economical
  2. Easy handling
  3. Exact fixation
  4. Enables simultaneous plastering of upper and lower models


Mounting of models into the fixator Firstly the centring tips are screwed tightly into the fixator arms and the arms are greased. The upper and lower models, which are waxed together, are fixed between the centring tips and the knurled screws Orthodontic Split Fixator are tightened.Subsequently both model bases can now be covered with plaster and the lower model can be set into a prepared plaster cake. Plaster is applied to the base of the upper model and smoothened with the fixator. The exposed areas of the fixator and the screw slits must be cleaned of plaster before setting.

Removal of models from fixator After complete unscrewing of the centring tips the models can be drawn off respectively pushed out from fixator arms without canting. If the models should be put back into the Orthodontic Split Fixator the contact areas particularly the ones on the plaster model must be thoroughly examined for cleanness. It is important to allocate the models to the respective fixator parts.