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With the new and improved Jaw Recorder, any clinician can now quickly and accurately record Centric Relation, balance Full, Partial, or Implant Dentures, and orthopedically reposition the mandible. We have found that by using this device, results are more reliable and reproducible than any of the traditional manipulation techniques.

The Jaw Relation Recording device facilitates the recording of Centric Relation for the following patients:

  1. Complete edentulous, one arch edentulous opposing dentate, both arches dentate or partially dentate.
  2. It can also be used to stabilize dentures for fabrication of orthopedic splints and to equilibrate occlusion on full or partial dentures.
  3. It is supplied on a plastic sprue with 5 attachments (figure 1) : A small Pin Receiver, a large Pin Receiver, a small Striking Plate, a large Striking Plate, and a Paralleling Spacer Plate (PSP). All of these are disposable, and intended for single use only. Also included is a metal Pivoting Nut and Pin, which are autoclavable.