Oral Pathology

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VACUUM TISSUE PROCESSOR with vacuum selection at any step improves the quality of tissue being processed. It also has an activated charcoal filter with fume exhaust fan.

Technical Specification:

  1. Operation : Automatic & Microprocessor Controlled
  2. Tissue Processing Capacity : upto 80 Cassettes
  3. Wax Bath Capacity : 1 Lt
  4. Wax Bath Nos. :Two
  5. Wax Bath Temp. Cutout :45-65°C
  6. Reagent Beaker Nos. : Ten
  7. No. of Rotors : One
  8. No. of SS Tissue Baskets :One
  9. Programmable : Yes, 9 Programs
  10. Vacuum Selection : 0.053MPA
  11. Active Charcoal Filter & Fume : Yes
  12. Exhaust Fan: Yes

AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR has the same features as MTP- VE-111 but comes with 2 litres beaker capacity


VACUUM TISSUE PROCESSOR is designed for high capacity vacuum paraffin infiltration of tissue in routine clinical and research histopathology. A smart and user friendly software reduces user intervention that improves operating reliability. Superior process control and precise temperature regulation ensures optimum specimen quality. The smart start function allows one touch start of user-saved operations. It has a 200 Tissue cassettes capacity with a working cylinder temperature of 65°C and a volume of 5.3 litre large color LCD display, manual and automatic functioning mode, advanced safety features iff and a smart start function that allows one touch start of pre-saved programs. Three paraffin baths with a volume of 4.01 litre each, average paraffin melting time of 3hrs. and operating temperature range of 15 to 35°C.

Technical Specification:

  1. Maximum Capacity : 200 Cassettes
  2. Processing Retort volume :5 litres
  3. Temperature(Paraffin) : 65°C °
  4. Temperature(Reagent) : Ambient or 35°C °
  5. Vacuum : -70kPa
  6. Pressure : +35kPa
  7. No. of Paraffin Baths : 3
  8. No. of Reagent Bottles : 9