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Mariotti introduces the MiniUniko economical version. Always with high performance, it combines ease of use and practicality. Miniuniko.F can be set in a few seconds thanks to an innovative software and a great flexibility which allow to use and adapt the various implantology systems.


  1. Power supply: 230/125 Vac - 50/60Hz
  2. Absorbed power: 109 VA
  3. Maximum Torque: limited a 60Ncm
  4. Insulation: Class 1, type BF
  5. Motor speed: 200-30000 rpm
  6. Peristaltic pump max irrigation: 90 ml/min
  7. Control box dimension: mm 245x245x100
  8. Pedal: motor or motor+pump on/off
  9. Main functions: control of speed, torque, peristaltic pump, handpiece reduction, reverse, 4 programs, software upgraded, autoclavable motor/cable/connector.


  1. Art. C20 Implantology contra-angle for finest quality.
  2. Micro-head, 20:1 reduction, external sprayer with possible internal spraying.