Oral Pathology

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FULLY AUTOMATIC CRYOSTAT MICROTOME: The cryostat is ergonomically designed keeping in view user needs and safety. It incorporates an optimized cooling system (double compressor) with rapid specimen freezing and smooth precise orientation for high quality sectioning in histology, pro-environment refrigerant, a rapid refrigeration mode, a peltier unit, and a LCD Screen which displays data such as sample travel, section thickness and temperature. A Motorized handwheel movement is provided in three speed mode: low, medium and high depending upon the tissue. It can be easily programmed for both start and stop. Easy to operate control panel with controls for temperature and time. UV Sterilization is used for disinfection. Equipped with a closed drainage system that ensures collection of condensed and defrost fluids in a container.

Salient Features:

  1. Powerful sectioning motor
  2. Specimen retraction function protects the specimen from blade injury
  3. Trimming/Sectioning button makes it easy to switch to the desired mode
  4. Rapid Refrigeration Mode allows desired temperature drop in 60mins MCM
  5. Microprocessor based digital P.I.D temperature control
  6. Power saving refrigeration system

Technical Specifications:

  1. Section Thickness Range : 1pm-60um
  2. 1pm-10pm, in 1pm increment
  3. 10pm-20pm, in 2pm increments
  4. 20pm-60um, in 5pm increments
  5. Trimming Range : 10pm-300um in 10pm increments
  6. Specimen Retraction : 5-75pm in 5pm increments
  7. Lowest Temp. of Peltier Unit : -50°c
  8. Cooling Downtime to -30°c : 60 mins
  9. Maximum Specimen Size : 35mm x 35mm
  10. Specimen Vertical Stroke : 65mm
  11. Specimen Horizontal Feed : 25mm