Oral Pathology

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TISSUE PROCESSING UNIT has a sturdy stainless steel basket, a rotor and 12 tissue containers complete with thermostatically controlled wax bath and two one litre beakers.

HISTOKENNETTE AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR is equipped with latest micro switch mechanism for convenient and trouble free operations. It is supplied with one stainless steel basket roton one stainless steel basket, 24 tissue capsules, 10 one litre beaken 2 thermostatically controlled wax baths, 6 calibrated time discs, one cutting pliers, dust cover and instruction manual.

HISTOKENNETTE AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR With Safety Device. All the specifications are similar to MTP-M-101. The safety device checks whether the wax is melted or not and hence protects the tissues by not allowing them to shift from 10th to 11th or 12th stations if the wax is not melted.

SUPER DELUXE AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR (latest model) with two basket rotors, built in safety device. In addition it comes with 2 S.S. basket rotors, baskets, 24 tissue capsules, 10 one litre Borosil glass beakers without lip, 2 S.S. wax bath.

AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR has the same features as comes with breaker capacity