Oral Medicine and Radiology

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X-Ray simulator for practicing dental radiography use. Jaw model allows the mastering of bisecting techniques. Jaw model is X-Ray compatible. Acquire basic X-Ray techniques such as film angle and projection angle for each area. Free-moving finger arm allows you to hold the film at the position of your choice so you can practice 10 or 14 exposure techniques. Phantom unit is stored inside the suitcase. Can be set up on the chair or on its own easily.

DXTTR III is the advanced dental x-ray trainer developed from the original trainer created under the sponsorship of the Bureau of Radiological Health of the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of illustrating proper radiographic positioning. The most realistic substitute patient available, it allows unlimited, consistent instruction of all types of intraoral radiography, without concern for patient radiation burden.

  1. Eliminates patient variables, making it easier to evaluate student technique. 
  2. High repeatability makes possible series of radiographs, varying exposure factors to demonstrate how they influence results. Comparisons can be made of various film placements and projections. 
  3. Plastic skull DXTTRs use a special plastic that emulates the radiographic characteristics of natural materials. Ideal for teaching positioning. 
  4. Human skull DXTTRs, as available, are ideal for teaching positioning and radiographic interpretation. Human skull DXTTRs follow all industry standards. Each head has its own unique characteristics. 
  5. Mechanical operations and components are designed for durability, ease of use and life-like movements, with a full selection of adjustment features. 
  6. An optional telescoping arm with spring-mounted, ball-ended finger securely holds film packets during exposures.

It also provides a refurbishment service to keep your DXTTR in the best of health.


  1. Standard plastic skull DXTTR III is made of a special plastic that emulates the radiographic characteristics of natural materials. 
  2. Human skull DXTTRs are filled with tissue-equivalent material for appropriate radio-absorption. 
  3. Teeth are firmly anchored by slightly resilient plastic gums that also reduce chipping. 
  4. All teeth are coated with radiolucent, shock-absorbing material to minimize breakage. 
  5. The outer skin is tough and durable vinyl; the flesh is molded in polyurethane foam directly onto the skull. 
  6. Life-like, pliable tongue is supported on the floor of the mouth by a tissue-equivalent vinyl section, bonded to the base of the mandible. 
  7. Mandibles are articulated mechanically for smooth and durable mouth action. Machined nylon side plates are bonded firmly to the rami. 
  8. The lever-and-ratchet mechanism is hardened steel for wear resistance and strength. The frame is constructed of welded steel tubing. Other parts not subject to high stress are aluminum. All parts are plated or otherwise finished to prevent rust and corrosion.

Adjustment of Head, Arm and Finger

  1. The head is mounted with a ball-and-socket joint corresponding to the base of the cervical spine, held securely in position by a clamping lever. The central supporting tube rotates forward and back in the frame to assist in positioning, with stops to prevent it from falling forward. 
  2. The optional arm assembly is mounted to the frame by a ball-and-socket joint with its own clamping lever. The arm has a rotating telescoping section, on which the spring-loaded finger, with an additional pivot, is mounted for wrist-like action.


Refurbishment is recommended every 12 months. Standard refurbishment consists of the following:

  1. Replace vinyl head skin 
  2. Replace plastic foam flesh (if required) 
  3. Replace molded vinyl tongue 
  4. Replace molded vinyl neck-base 
  5. Replace finger ball and straighten finger (if required) 
  6. Replace head strap
  7. Mechanical damage not listed above will be quoted separately.
  8. Broken or missing teeth can be replaced at a nominal cost. There is a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.