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  1. Injects local anesthetics into palataland soft tissues with greater ease and virtually no pain.
  2. Provides instant local anesthesia or regional blocking for many dental and Maxillofacial procedures.
  3. Excellent patient acceptance for over 25 years.
  4. Has interchangeable Extenda Tips for easy sterilization.
  5. Can be used with all age groups.
  6. Comes with a full year warranty.
  7. Provides adequate anesthesia for deepneedle insertion.


Consistent depth of penetration of 2 - 2.5mm below epithelium and makes a wheal at the base of injection of 5 - 6mm in diameter (Not Topical). Consistent volume of 0 .1cc per injection intradermally. Permits approximately 38 injections with single l oading (to 4.0 cc). May be sterilized by autoclaving or your usual sterilization process - DO NOT USE DRY HEAT.

Package No. 301 Contains:

one MadaJet XL, two 1/2" (127mm) Extenda Tips ®, holder, wrench, stylets, two extra pyrex fill-chambers, custom carrying case and MadaCide - FD Disinfectant/Cleaner. Additional Extenda Tips ® available. 1 1/2" Extenda Ti ps ® available on request.


  1. Extraction or preparation of deciduous teeth.
  2. Curettage and scaling.
  3. Mental and nasal palatine blocks.
  4. Adequate anesthesia prior to deep-needle insertion for palatine and infraorbital blocks.
  5. Adequate infiltration for long buccal blocks, without need for further anesthesia.
  6. Mental f oramen blocks via infiltration at buccal surface of mandible.
  7. Minor gingevectomies.
  8. Incision and drainage.
  9. Pulp anesthetic infiltration.
  10. Pointing of abscesses.
  11. Copper tube impressions.

Maxillary Procedures

  1. Similarly for posterior superior blocks for upper molars, middle superior blocks of bicuspids and posterior palatine blocks.

Mandibular Blocks

  1. Two injections prior to deep needle insertion for mandibular blocks will eliminate pain from the needle and fluid pressure.