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The micro surveyor compass is a portable versatile & easy to handle device which may be used for completely new dental applications. The primary application is to examine abutment teeth,design dentures,make parallel measurements of abutment teeth for bridges and explain these procedures to patients.

Characterestics of the MICROSURVEYOR COMPASS

  1. Ultra-Compact and Light
    The Device weighs only 210 grams. When the support is folded, the device becomes ultra-compact and portable, making it possible to use or store anywhere.
  2. East to handle
    The handle held device is easy to operate.
  3. Support determines direction of insertion using one-touch operation
    The direction in which the denture is inserted is determined by adjusting the angle of the support, thus making it much easier to actually see whats happening. The model may be manipulated using a one-touch operation, allowing for free movement in any direction. The device may be locked once a desired position has been reached.
  4. Easy observation of 'Difficult-to-see' location
    Operating the device is easy since it is hand-held. Surveying may be done easily using desktop operations which do not require the operator to be in an uncomfortable position during observations.
  5. Mechanical Pencil System with 0.9mm lead, Easy gauge placement
    Exchanging the lead is easily done using the same procedure followed for the mechanical pencil. The super-strong 0.9mm lead, developed especially for MICROSURVEYOR COMPASS use, the analyzing rod, undercut gauge and wax trimmer may be placed without removing the lead
  6. Highly accurate surveying
    Smooth movement of rotating part is achieved by precision bearing, resulting in highly accurate surveying.
  7. Immediate mounting of the model using baseformer
    If baseformer is used in the construction of stone-cast , it may be mounted immediately without any trimming necessary.

  8. Application
    Dental Surveyor

  9. Contents
    Microsurveyor Compass
    Analyzing Rod
    Undercut gauge 0.25, 0.50mm
    Wax trimmer (Knife type)
    Refill Lead (12 count, 0.9mm)

  10. Optional Equipment
    Baseformer (5 pieces)
    Soft case
    Refill Lead (12 count, 0.9mm)

  11. Specifications
    Size: 84(W)X165(D)X27(H)mm(when folded)
    Weight: 210 grams
    Maximum pin interval for setting model: 67mm
    Spindle stroke: 63mm